Becoming Hasemans

Thoughts from a recently wed couple on Life, the Universe, and not Killing eachother

The early release slideshow

An early look at the slideshow put together by our photographers.

A Most Soggy of Curses

We Hasemans have a curse.  Whenever we travel, and by ‘travel’ I mean ‘leave home for more than one night’, it rains.

I’m not kidding.  It rains.
We’ve brought rain to Los Angles and Australia in the middle of major droughts.  

 My parents, god bless their itchy wool socks, have burned out two separate sets of automobile windshield wiper motors.  I’ve never even heard of another human being burning through even one.

Why, you might ask, does the rain god favor us with his un-ending love every time any one of us set foot outside our zip code?  I’ve no idea, but I will pay you good money to figure it out for me and make him stop.

As a child, I spent many a rain-soaked year camping out with the cub and boyscouts. My father, bless his Birkenstocked feet, felt it was important to be involved with the leadership of our troop.  He was given the offical title of Dr. Doom as we’d counted 3 camp-outs in more than 10 years of scouting in which it didn’t rain.

Yesterday, as my wife (now Meghan Haseman) and I were driving up to our mini honeymoon (four days at the Sagamore hotel on Lake George) through the pouring rain I turned to her and sheepishly said: “I’m afraid there’s something I need to tell you”

She listened, in horrified silence, as I relayed the above story.  ”So it’s going to rain every time we go on vacation anywhere?”

"Yup.", I whispered, "if you wanted to go on sunny trips I’m afraid you probably should have married someone else."

"Well, " Meghan laughed as she sat back in the passenger seat while our windshield wipers frantically tried to let me see the road, "…bring it on."

and this is why I love my wife.

(Chris) All geared up for our mini-honeymoon (or minimoon) This is me going on an ‘unplugged’ weekend.  I think I might have a problem…

Mrs. Haseman here…

We did it!  I still get a contact high just looking at the pictures and smelling the flowers we brought home.  All in all, I am incredibly lucky to say that the wedding was an overwhelmingly positive experience.  There really are no words that do it justice.  I think my brain is still trying to catch up! 

One thing I find interesting about the post-wedding feeling — MY HUSBAND and I had the same thought on this — is that it’s very similar to the post-show slump that happens to theatre folks after closing night.  There’s a sense of loss after so much excitement and happiness.  Also, for me and my Mom, there’s a scramble to fill the void that wedding planning once occupied.  Then I remember that I’ve got to change my name, do some organizing/nesting/cleaning (so many wonderful gifts for the home!) and write the thank you notes! 

What an amazing journey from beginning (engagement) to “end” (post-wedding-brunch).  I’m not sure how to say thank you to my Mom and Dad for being so completely wonderful throughout the entire experience.  We have the most amazing memories of a very special day and are so grateful to have had everyone there — either in person or in spirit.  I’m delighted beyond words.

We’ve done it! (Chris here)

After 7 years in a committed relationship,  a year of planning, and more work from Meghan than I can fathom.  We actually are Hasemans now.

Thank you to all who traveled so far to see us
Thank you to all who helped us
Thanks to all who were there in spirit but couldn’t make it person
A special thank you to Meghan’s Father who’s patience and understanding is a thing of legend.   Thank you so much for your daughters hand.

We’re overwhelmed with the generosity and love from all those who have been with us through the last 7 years.

Pictures will follow.

today’s the day

Chris here.  I will say this about the big event:

There comes a point when there’s nothing left to prepare and all you can do is keep on breathing, not freak out, and hope to god you’re worthy… also, remember to wear pants

Doing it wrong

From Cal.  How not to do wedding photos

three by three, cups of gree… nevermind